“My daughter was at a private-corporate daycare before Gingerbread House. Not only was she not treated with the care to her developing personhood that Gingerbread House provides, but since she has been at Gingerbread House I have heard regularly “No Thank You,” “Yes, Please,” “God Bless You,” courtesies I had not heard from her before. These courtesies are an indication of the spiritual wealth she is accruing as a toddler at Gingerbread House, and is the reason I believe so strongly in its mission.”

-Todd Long


“Our family has relied upon the Gingerbread House for Pre-School Education and Child Care for periods of time spanning three decades. When seeking out a preschool for our two children, my wife and I toured multiple schools. When making the choice, we factored our decision on what we determined were the two most important factors: 1.) our children being prepared, both educationally and socially, to enter Kindergarten and 2.) our children feeling loved, supported, and safe. The Gingerbread House fulfilled the promises that they made to our family and accomplished both of the aforementioned goals. Entrusting anyone to serve a vital role in the development and growth of children is a difficult decision and can only be accomplished through the building of trust. The Gingerbread House provided more than child care, but a community whose values we desired to have instilled in our children.


While we were always satisfied with the quality of care at the Gingerbread House, we did not fully understand or appreciate what we receiving until life events forced us to look into alternative options for Pre-School and child care. After spending virtually their whole lives learning at the Gingerbread House, we ultimately transferred our children (who were four and three-years-old at the time) to another center closer to our home. After two weeks, my wife and I identified a variety of factors which we had previously taken for granted. We did not realize the level of individualized care that we had previously received. We were not getting daily feedback on the success, challenges, and growth that our children were experiencing. We did not feel a strong connection with the staff (it felt that we were clients rather than a part of something bigger). Most importantly, our children did not seem to be getting what they needed.


In our opinion, Pre-School is not just about learning. Rather, it is of equal importance to foster a desire for knowledge that may serve as the foundation for a life-time of learning. We immediately contacted the Gingerbread House and were accepted back with open arms. After returning to the Gingerbread House, including participating with the “Gingersnaps Summer Program,” our children have successfully made the transition to elementary school. We were told that both of our boys were well prepared to enter Kindergarten. While those are the words that every parent wants to hear about their children, we are more proud of the impact that the Gingerbread House had on developing their character (socially, spiritually, and emotionally).


We are so appreciative to the entire staff of the Gingerbread House for their love, patience, and commitment to the success of our children.”

-Damian (Gingerbread House Class of 1987) & Lauren Pratt


“The level of care and devotion of the staff are unparalleled.  We would highly recommend The Gingerbread House to any family in need of daycare.”

-Pat and Kari Dalton



“The Gingerbread House to me, was like an extension of our family.  In my opinion, one of the hardest things to do when you have children, is to find someone you trust to watch and care for your child.  I made the decision to send them to The Gingerbread House. Once we started going, I knew that I made the right choice and that fear lessened for me.  It was obvious to me that my kids were happy and well taken care of.  A reminder of how much they cared for each child occurred to me the other day as I walked into the The Gingerbread house. One of the teachers my son had asked me “How is AJ, doing?”.  Wow!  This was 5 years after she cared for him, and she remembered  him(and me) by name!

-Tina D’Agata